The Future

Rotec Engineering has grown considerably over recent years, with heavy investment in the latest machines and £8 million total investment. Due to the expansion and the success of Rotec we moved to a state of the art purpose built Advanced Manufacturing Centre in 2017.

Here at Rotec we believe strongly in education, training and giving the right opportunities. The importance of apprenticeships and training the engineers of the future is key to British manufacturing.
“Since the dawn of time man has striven to create, design and build ever more innovative machines. From the invention of the wheel, around the 4th millennia BC, to the Industrial Revolution of 19th century Britain and through to today’s incredible computerised machines, engineering continues to move forward into previously unknown realms.

Engineering has seen outstanding advances in the last century, Frank Whittles' development of the jet engine in the 1930’s revolutionised air travel and we now regularly send astronauts into space. All of this can be attributed to the creative genius employed by the modern day engineer.

Here at Rotec we hold a firm belief in the future of British engineering. As a company we are obligated to remain at the forefront of manufacturing technology and invest in continued R&D in order to maintain our competitive edge over global competition.

We also have a passionate belief in the ‘spirit of engineering’ which is inherent, but often unrecognised, for many young people in today’s curriculum. As such, our apprentice programme is a great success and we believe that with the correct education and discipline we can inspire our students to discover the true meaning of the word engineer - ingenious man.”

-    Paul Butler, MD