1. DOOSAN MX 2000
    DOOSAN MX 2000
    This machine has a maximum bar diameter of 400mm, a 10KW milling spindle, 42 position tool changer and runs at 10,000 rpm with bar feed
  2. Nakamura NTY3 x2
    Nakamura NTY3 x2
    This machine is a twin spindle, 3 turret, 36 driven tool , 72 turning tool CNC lathe complete with fully auto bar feed capable feeding up to 42mm diameter bar
  3. DOOSAN 2000SY
    DOOSAN 2000SY
    Our 2000 SY has an 8” chuck, twin spindle, 12 turret, 65mm bar feed, C2 axis technology and runs at 5000 rpm.
  4. Nakamura AS200 AY
Fitted with a halter assist load robot
    Nakamura AS200 AY Fitted with a halter assist load robot
    Single Turret Milling Turning Centre, +/- 41mm Y-axis, 15/11kW spindle motor, Spindle speed 4500min-1, Driven-tool speed 6000min-1, Faster rapid traverse 24m/min for the X-axis,and 36m/min for the Z-axis. Bar capacity 65mm standard. 8” Chuck, 5 station turret, Gearless Direct Belt Driven tools
  5. NAKAMURA NTRX 300 x2
    NAKAMURA NTRX 300 x2
    B-axis ATC Twin Spindle,Fusion between a 5-axis machining center and a lathe. Distance between centers max. 1350, 40 tools ATC, 250mm Y-axis stroke, 8000 Milling speed, 18.5kW Built-in tool spindle motor, Up to 30kW cutting power for turning shaft-work with synchronized spindles. Left Right spindle motor 15/11 KW, 230degree B-axis positioning range (±225degree)
  6. Mori Seiki NLX 2500 SY
    Mori Seiki NLX 2500 SY
    The NLX 2500 is a high-rigidity, high-precision CNC lathe. Milling:- Turret equipped with BMT (Built-in Motor Turret), High-speed rotary tool spindle, 10,000 min-1: Operability: Equipped with the digital tailstock, CELOS, MAPPS. High precision: Thoroughly controlled thermal, displacement, High rigidity, box slideways are used for X / Y / Z axis